2020 Nanjing Pukou Women’s Half Marathon & National Women’s Half Marathon Championships Rules & Regulations

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2020 Nanjing Pukou Women’s Half Marathon & National Women’s Half Marathon Championships

Rules & Regulations



I. Host

Chinese Athletics Association (CAA)

Jiangsu Provincial Women’s Union

Nanjing Pukou District Municipal People’s Government


II. Guider

Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau


III. Organizer

Nanjing Sports Association

Nanjing Pukou District Sports Bureau

Amazing China Sports Management Co., Ltd.


IV. Co-organizer

Nanjing Audit University

Jiangsu Provincial Sports Competition Management Center

Nanjing Municipal Sports Competition and Social Sports Management Center

Nanjing Municipal Women’s Union

Nanjing Pukou High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee

Nanjing Pukou Publicity Department

Nanjing Pukou Women’s Union

Nanjing Pukou Communist Youth League Management Committee

Nanjing Pukou Jiangpu Street Office


V. Operator

Nanjing Lechi Sports & Communication Development Co., ltd.


VI. Race Time & Venue

8:30am of 8th March 2020 (Sun.)      Pukou District of Nanjing


VII. Event Category& Limit

  Half Marathon (21.0975KM)3,000

Health Run (around 5KM)  7,000


VIII. Route

Half Marathon:

START – Yushanxi Road – (turn right) – Zhongshengbei Street – (turn left) – Gongyuannan Road – (turn left) – Gongyuanbei Road – (turn right) – Huangshanling Road – (turn left) – Bali Road – (turn right) – Shishan Road – turning back – Shishan Road – (turn left) – Guangming Road – (turn right) - Xinbei Road – (turn right) – Liquan Road – (turn left) – Yushan Road – (turn left) – Haixia Avenue – turning back – Haixia Avenue – (turn right) – Haiqiao Road – (turn right) - Wuhua Road – turning back – Wuhua Road – (turn right) – Xinbei Road – (go straight) – Yushanxi Road - FINISH;

Health Run:

START - Yushanxi Road – (turn right) – Zhongshengbei Street – (turn left) – Gongyuannan Road – (turn left) – Gongyuanbei Road – (turn right) – Huangshanling Road – (turn left) – Bali Road – (turn left) – Shishan Road – (turn left) – Guangming Road – (turn left) – Xinbei Road – (go straight) – Xishanxi Road - FINISH


IX. About Competition 

1.The race is conducted in accordance with the newest Rules and Regulations issued by the CAA.

2. Check in: one hour before race starts. Athletes once registered in the CAA please present registration cards.

3. Start order: Elite athletes, professional athletes, amateur half marathon runners, health run runners, with 20m of the distance between each two groups. There is no wheelchair event especially, so all wheelchair athletes start afterwards finally.

4. Timing Methods:

(1) Disposable timing chips are distributed to all half marathon runners without deposit fees;

(2) ONE-gun-start for all categories;

(3) Reacting carpets are placed at the START, FINISH and each 5km spot. Runners must pass all timing carpets in the race, missing data from any one spot or any time difference under 0.1 second would be considered as invalid results.

5. Cloakroom service

(1) This service will be provided to half marathon runners;

(2) The race bags can be deposited at pointed area allocated according to different race number groups. Please fetch your bags after the race in the same area. NO valuable things would be compensated by Organizer if you leave them in your bags and get lost. Valuable things refer to cellphones, credit cards, cash, keys, laptops.,etc.

(3) Service time: before 12:00 at noon on race day. If you miss the time, please contact the committee on the next following day, otherwise bags would be discarded in 3 days.

  6. Beverage &Water Stations

From the START, the beverage station will be set in every 5KM, there will be 1 water/sponge station between each 2 beverage stations;

7. For other rules, please refer to Runners’ Guide in details.

  8. Anti-doping tests would be conducted randomly to runners, in accordance with CAA related regulations;

  9. Real-time video surveillance are ready at the START, the whole course and the FINISH. Anyone who breaks the rules would get no result, even being deprived of participating rights of this race within the next 2 years. For severe rule-violating behaviors, notices would be forwarded to CAA for additive punishments. The violation behaviors include:

(1) fake-age registration or substituting participation;
(2) one runner carries other runners’ chips or one runner carry at least 2 chips while running;

(3) start the race without queue in the right order;

(4) violate rules at the start;

(5) not complete the entire process of the reported project along the prescribed route, copying the road or inserting on the way to the vehicle;

(6) after the cut-off time, not stop or return on to the course again after quitting the race;

(7) failure to carry the right bib number and through the end point as required;

(8) repeat in collecting souvenirs by passing the finish point;

(9) make fake bib numbers and running as substitution ;

(10) unable to finish the race continually and pick up the souvenirs;

(11) cross the finish line with unidentified timing chips.  

(12) Unable to follow the organization, disrupt the order and disturbances;

(13) other behaviors not mentioned above but violate related rules ;

(14)The race shall be conducted in compliance with the rules Regarding strengthening the principles of Chinese Marathons and related Sports Activities.


X. About Participation

1. Registration Time

Registration will open from 10:00 of Dec.18th, 2019, it closes once meets limit.

2. Registration Requirements

(1) Age:

(i) Before Dec.31, 2020, participants in the half marathon must be 16 (born before December 31, 2004);

(ii) For Health Run: No age limit, but runners under 16 (born after December 31, 2004) have to get sign permit of their guardians /legal representatives, and also get their accompany while running;

(iii) Runners under 18 (born after Dec.31, 2002) need their guardians or legal representatives to sign the entry statement;

(2) Gender Requirement: Only female runners are accepted to half marathon. No gender limit for Health Run.

(3) Health Conditions:

Marathon running is a competition of long duration, high difficulty, and high risk. Those who have the following health conditions are NOT recommended to participate in the race:

 Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;

 Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;

 Myocarditis and other cardiac disease;

 Coronary artery disease and serious arrhythmia;

 Diabeites Melltus of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia;

 Influenza within two weeks before race day;


 other diseases that would affect doing sports;

3. Registration Method

(1) This race adopts online individual registration: log in the official website (www.kiss-run.com), enter the registration system. Successful applicants will receive confirmation message and the Collection Notification of Race Bags. Qualified participants are required to collect race bags within 2 days before the race (Collecting time and place will be notified separately). For more details, please pay attention to the official website or call us instead.

(2) Runners who have registered in CAA, please log in www.athletics.org.cn to register the National Women’s Half Marathon Championship. Should you have any question, please contact us at +86-(0)25-58117385,400-1111042 (working time 9:00-17:30), except holiday.

4. Registration Fees (regardless of nationalities)

Half Marathon: 120 CNY/person;

Health Run:  60 CNY/person.

Please note that no race category can be altered. Fees will not be refundable even participation cancels.

XI. Award

1. Half Marathon

(1) Rank Award

According to gun time results, top 50 winners will be awarded prize certificates. Top 8 will be awarded prize money (unit: CNY) , and top 3 will get trophy, medal and sports suits;

Notes: Wheelchair athletes’ results will not be ranked in this award.







Sub 1:11:00


Above 1:11:00 (Include)






















 (2) The National Women's Half Marathon Championship is conducted in accordance with the 2020 National Women's Half Marathon Championship Series Races. In case CAA registered athletes participating in this race and the National Women's Half Marathon Championships meanwhile, she will be awarded according to the higher reward criteria, and the bonus is not repeated.

(3) Awards for Nanjing Citizens

According to net time results,Nanjing citizens are ranked. Top 10 are ranked and each will receive the following bonus (unit: CNY) 








6th – 10th














Note: If a Nanjing citizen receives multiple awards at the same time, only the highest award will be awarded and the reward will not be repeated.

Winners of this award must obtain the Nanjing citizenship before the registration deadline (with the first four digits of ID card number showing 3201 or the written residential location is within Nanjing territory). CAA registered athletes and professional athletes are exceptional.

(4) Once registered in the race, all participants will get number bibs, timing chips, T-shirts, and race bags;

(5) Finishers of half marathon within cut-off time will get memorial medals and other race items.

Post- race service opens until 11:40 noon time.

(6) No prize fees distributed on site. Winner list will be publicized online for 1 week, and

Prize money will be transferred into each winner’ bank account after the confirmation  (including none doping violations after tests);

(7) In case of any doping problem, the rank will be canceled and would not be replaced, all other ranks remain the same.

2. Health Run

No ranking. Once registered, runners can get T-shirts, number bibs, race bags and Participation Certificate. Health run athletes finish the race within cut-off time could get the finish memorial medals.

3. Please note that all prize fess would be charged 20% of taxes, according to related tax rules, conducted by the LOC instead.


XII. Cut-off KM & Time:

To make sure the security of all participants, each course part is controlled according to cut-off time, social traffic recovers after each parts cut-off time. Unfinishers have to stop immediately and get on shuttle buses to reach the Finish. See below:

1. Half Marathon (subject to gun time):

KM point






Cut-off Time






Specific Time






2.Health RunOne hour after race starts.


XIII. Medical care &First Aid

1. Every 2.5km there would be one fixed medical station, signal boards are placed 100m ahead of station. Ambulances will follow runners all the time along the course.

2. On the course, there is one volunteer between each 100m, you can ask them for help in case needed


XIV. Insurance

(1) The LOC would cover insurance for each participant and working staff. Please log in our official website to refer to Instruction of Life Insurance.

(2) During in the race, the referees, medical stuffs, volunteers and other committee members have rights to terminate the race who is in terrible health conditions. In case any athlete who refuses and keep racing in force, the LOC will have no responsibilities.

(3) During the race, if the runners suffer from physical discomfort, related diseases and symptoms (including but not limited to heatstroke, fainting, etc.), due to their own reasons (including but not limited to their own chronic diseases, hidden diseases, lack of physical endurance, etc.), and if the insurance company determines that it is not within the scope of claims, all the legal liabilities and consequences (including but not limited to medical treatment costs, loss of work delay, disability or compensation, death compensation, etc.) shall be borne by the participant themselves, which has nothing to do with the LOC. Please carefully assess your physical conditions before applying.

(4) During the race, the LOC will provide free medical treatment, which is only available only on site. For the subsequent expenses incurred by the participants in the hospital treatment process, the participants can apply to the insurance company for claims or negotiate with the insurance company on their own after handling with the hospital. The LOC can provide necessary information for assistance.

(5) All legal liabilities and consequences (including but not limited to medical treatment costs, loss of work, disability, compensation, death compensation, etc.) arising from personal injury or death caused by doping or other illegal drugs taken by competitors in the course of competition shall be borne by the participants themselves, and the LOC shall not be responsible.


XV. The National Women’s Half Marathon Championship

   It will be undertaken according to series rules of National Athletics Sports Management Center.


XVI. Contact Us

Add: Civil center, No.4 Xiangshan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China  Postcode:210000

Tel:0086-(0)25-58117385  400-1111042

Web: www.kiss-run.com


XVII. Issues not fully covered here shall be further notified.

 All final explanation rights belong to The 2020 Nanjing Pukou Women’s Half Marathon Organizing Committee.